What You Need to Know


Autogate is a system that provide automatic opening of doors for vehicles automatically when vehicle approaches the gate. You can easily drive in your car without the need of pressing the remote for your entrance gate, or can reach home without the need of manual operation for opening or closing of your gates.

However In Malaysia market there are 4 type of auto gate, which is swing, folding, trackless and sliding gate. If you could like to know more what is the different for each type of gate, click the following link to find out more.

What are the Autogate Benefits?

Autogate System helps to avoid robberies by keeping your doors locked, and even avoid getting yourself wet in raining weather, thank to autogate system technology offering you a hassle-free way to go back home without ever getting out of your car.

Why choosing Rienzo as your autogate provider?

Professional Advise & Guarantee After Sales Service

Our Rienzo Professional Technician will give best advise to you before purchase, and guide how to choosing right autogate to suit your home such as gate design, gate length, gate type and more. Therefore it save you ton of time to surveying online which gate and product right for you.
Additionally, should you facing any issues with the product purchase from us, our team will solve your problem within 24-working hours.

Quality & Long Lasting

We have over 6000 satisfier user giving high rating to our Rienzo Autogate. Any Autogate purchase from us you will enjoy free maintenance service every 6 months in warranty period, this action is to ensure the quality of the system.

Rienzo Autogate build with security alert system

Nowadays, many people are looking for a way to protect their homes. We offer the perfect solution with our selected autogate system in Rienzo.
Which you can scare someone away from your house with the sound of “beep beep beep.”


I believe you learn more about it, and we can show you. Our value for money offer is extremely good and we have a broad range of products in the market. With these service providers, we can protect your family home and car properly. Feel free to explorer our full range product by clicking here and should you have any inquiry, please feel free contact us anytime to get our professional service for your home security.
Our Contact Number : 019-224 6868 (CK)

12 Jan 2023