What is automated gate and which type suit you the best?

What is automated gate (auto gate)?

An automated gate also called an electrical gate, is a gate with electrically powered mechanism that moves automatically and are widely used in residential homes or private estate. It is usually operated through a remote control, control panel or mobile phone app.

Nowadays, home automated gate is a modern technology that helps you to get rid of the hassle of opening the manual gate especially during raining day or back from tired workday. Open and closing the gate just at your fingertip with a remote control.

Most importantly, they provide you and your family a better security than regular door locks because it is more difficult to break into. Only people who granted the remote control can access.

This helps prevent your children from straying too close, pets from running loose, and vehicles from getting into the yard without authorization.

How many types of automated gate in the market?

There are 3 types of autogate common use in Malaysia, which is Swing/Folding (Arm Type), Trackless (No Route Trail), Sliding (Motor Type), check out below what the different for each.

Swing or Folding gate
  • The motor opens and closes the gate either from inside or outside
  • Lightly closing motion with soft-close touch
  • Economical installation and minimal maintenance
  • Suitable for flat area and larger free space for easy opening of panels

Trackless gate
  • The motor opens and closes the gate either from inside or outside without floor track
  • Powerful opening and closing motion
  • Space saving and easy cleaning
  • Suitable for modern and stylish design

Sliding gate
  • The motor slides from left to right and vice versa to open or close the wheeled gate
  • Smooth opening and closing motion
  • Versatile for smaller properties
  • Suitable for limited land space

Which type suit you the best?

What should you consider when getting your own an automated gate? Let’s check out a few of the ideas below:
  1. Before we enter to your preference, one factor would highly affect to the types of automated gate you choose is the space of the entrance. Flat area and obstacles free space has better options that all three types of gates (Swing, Folding and Sliding gate) are at your choice.
  2. Choose a good quality and durable electric gate system (including material, size and the weight of your preferred gate) for hassle-free maintenance in future.
  3. The design of the gate accentuates aesthetic to your house. Patiently choose and compare the design and the material to match your house.

In conclusion, automated gates have many benefits. They are a great upgrade from a traditional gate and provide an added layer of security. However, it is important for you to know your preference and budget before looking for a reliable company that can customize your own gate. If you have any questions or concerns about automated gate system, please contact your reliable expertise for better understanding your need or you can explore our different gate product for further more information.

12 Jan 2023